Affordable Dentist, Baton Rouge

Affordable Dentist, Baton Rouge

Affordable Dentist, Baton Rouge

Affordable Dentist- Smiling Patient

Affordable dentistry is of immense importance and The Smile Spa focuses on putting beautiful smiles on the faces of its patients at a very affordable price. Here are some facts that support this.


  • Located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, The Smile Spa is included in the most affordable dentists list by
  • Aside from dental services, they also offer other spa services such as botox.
  • The Smile Spa has received so many positive testimonials from its many visitors. Customers have described the dental practice as ‘extremely nice & helpful’
  • Its founder, Dr. Aime Russo-Mounger, DDS, is a member of several dental associations including: The American, Louisiana,and Greater Baton Rouge associations as well as the American Academy of Facial Esthetics.


Choosing the right dentist is always a crucial consideration – but even more important is choosing a high-quality affordable dentist near you. This makes your life easier in many ways, as it allows you to extend care to family members and close friends. This will also ease the stress of attending dental checkups, examinations and follow-ups. 


How Can You Make Dental Care More Affordable To You?

There are a few things to take into consideration when trying to make dental care affordable for you and your family. 


  1. Focus on dental care that is preventive, rather than curative. The best way to lessen dental costs is prevention. Simple measures such as brushing at least twice a day, and flossing once a day can go a long way.
  2. Compare service costs between different dental practices. Also compare the value for the services between dental practices.
  3. Make thorough inquiries about payment options that are flexible.
  4. If there are some government-sponsored programs available, consider them.


During your initial consultation, find out what payment plans are available. There is usually one to fit every budget. Also gauge whether your dentist is an In-Network or Out-of-Network provider. Most dentists are In-Network for the larger dental insurance providers. 


Places To Look for An Affordable Dentist

  1. Qualified Federal Health Centers also provide basic and comprehensive dental care. 
  2. Most local dental schools provide lower-cost dental care.This is usually delivered at high-standards as the teaching facilities require patients to enable the dental students to gain practical experience. Your consultation will always be done under the watchful eye of licensed and experienced dentists.
  3. There are quite a number of charitable organizations that offer either free or heavily-subsidized dental care opportunities

Why Is Most Dental Care Expensive?

Several factors account for this. Among them are:


  • Lack of complete health insurance
  • Most dental insurance only has skimpy coverage.
  • The cost of dental care has been steadily increasing in recent years.


The story is not all gloomy, though. In many parts of the country such as Baton Rouge, Louisiana, affordable dentist services exist with The Smile Spa as the perfect example. 


So, if you live in or near Baton Rouge and you’re in need of an affordable dentist, then do not hesitate to call The Smile Spa – better still, pop in and say hello, you’ll be glad you did!