Dr. Russo at The Smile Spa is one of only a few offices in Baton Rouge to have the CEREC machine available in-office. This machine allows your crown to be made in the office while you wait!

No more mouthful of nasty impression material or weeks with an ill-fitting temporary crown that easily falls off. You can have a digital picture made of your tooth, and while the crown is being made, you are relaxing in a spa atmosphere – watching TV, listening to music, or taking a nap.

The crown is milled in the office out of an E-Max ceramic block that was matched to your tooth shade. If the shade needs some adjusting or shading, our assistant or Dr. Russo will stain and paint a custom coloring onto the tooth to exactly match your existing teeth. It then goes into an oven to bake and glaze which will make the crown, strong, shiny, and feel like a million bucks to your tongue!

Once out of the oven, it is permanently cemented in your mouth, and you are able to go on with your day. You can eat right away and go straight back to work. This CEREC technology in Baton Rouge is proven to be time-saving, very precise and with excellent strength and durability!

The CEREC Crown Process

Follow the CEREC crown process from start to finish in this series of photos and videos! In just 20 minutes, a strong, beautiful crown is built specifically for you, complete with custom shading to match your natural tooth color!

Cerec Computer Program
Cerec Computer

Cerec machine in action. Making a permanent crown in our office milling, staining, glazing it in the oven. All while patient sits in massage chair and relaxes!

CEREC - Designing the Crown Margins

CEREC - Machine Designing the Crown

CEREC - Crown Milled out of Ceramic Block

CEREC - Milling the Crown

CEREC - Purple Crown Before Glazing & Staining

CEREC - Purple Crown Before Glazing & Staining

CEREC - Staining Crown to a Custom Shade

CEREC - Putting on the Glaze

CEREC - Putting the Crown in the Oven to Bake

CEREC – Final Crown Ready to Place

Cerec Crown Finished
Cerec Crown Finished - Up Close

If you live in Baton Rouge or the surrounding area and are considering a CEREC crown, please contact our office to schedule a consultation.