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A crown is prosthetic which may be placed over the original tooth to enhance appearance, durability and strength. For badly decayed teeth or those that have been fractured or have old fillings, crowns are often the best solution.

We will ensure that the look of your new crown blends seamlessly, as it will have the same shape and appearance of the natural tooth. It will also provide functional improvements by keeping the bite and jaw properly aligned and preventing other teeth from damage or shifting.

While the crown will provide a high level of protection for damaged or decaying teeth, it is important for the patient to continue to protect the base of the crown through regular brushing and flossing. This will prevent the growth of bacteria and future gum disease.

Crowns before and after

Crown Technology

Crown technology has provided increasingly natural appearance and function over the years, and older crowns can now be replaced with more lifelike alternatives. Most frequently, they are made of porcelain. However, there are many options available including gold and stainless steel. In most cases, the desire for the crown to be as natural and undetectable as possible leads to the decision to use porcelain, as these most closely resemble the actual teeth.

CEREC Crowns

Dr. Russo at The Smile Spa is one of only a few offices in Baton Rouge to have the CEREC dental crown machine available in-office. This machine allows your crown to be made in the office while you wait!

No more mouthful of nasty impression material or weeks with an ill-fitting temporary crown that easily falls off. You can have a digital picture made of your tooth, and while the crown is being made, you are relaxing in a spa atmosphere – watching TV, listening to music, or taking a nap.

The crown is milled in the office out of an E-Max ceramic block that was matched to your tooth shade. If the shade needs some adjusting or shading, our assistant or Dr. Russo will stain and paint a custom coloring onto the tooth to exactly match your existing teeth. It then goes into an oven to bake and glaze which will make the crown, strong, shiny, and feel like a million bucks to your tongue!

Once out of the oven, it is permanently cemented in your mouth, and you are able to go on with your day. You can eat right away and go straight back to work. This CEREC technology is proven to be time-saving, very precise and with excellent strength and durability!

If you live are considering dental crowns in the Baton Rouge area, please contact our office to schedule a consultation.