Teeth Replacement Solutions

Dentures are essentially removable replacements for lost teeth. They fit into the mouth and look and feel natural. Dentures, unlike fixed dental implants, can be removed. They are typically fixed on a gum-colored plastic base often linked together by a metal framework. Dentures are attached to certain teeth by crowns and help to form a natural position. People can lose teeth for various reasons, from injury to gum disease. Dentures in Baton Rouge give confidence to those who have lost their teeth, and they can improve their health, and way of life.

What are the main types of dentures?

There are two main types of dentures, and these are partial and complete dentures. Here is a quick overview of both of them.

Partial dentures: Partial dentures are used to replace just some of the teeth, while other natural teeth still remain. They are formed on a bridge that can be removed, and fits in neatly with the rest of the teeth. This is very important not only for aesthetic purposes. Partial dentures hold the remaining natural teeth in place, preventing them from changing position, and other health issues.

Complete dentures: Complete dentures, on the other hand, are made used when all the teeth are missing. Complete dentures can be broken down into two further categories, conventional and immediate. Conventional dentures are not actually placed until 8-12 weeks after the final teeth have been extracted. Immediate dentures are more of a temporary solution but can be placed straight away.

When and why would you need dentures?

Dentures are given to those who have lost teeth and need replacements. They can replace any number of teeth from just one to your whole set. They give the patient all the functions of normal teeth. Dentures help you chew food, support your jaw, speak, and smile. They also help the person regain confidence after losing their teeth.

People can lose teeth for a number of reasons. These include accidents or injury, or sometimes just from old age. The main cause of tooth loss is probably tooth decay where the core of the tooth is infected and needs to be removed. Teeth can also come out on their own due to bad cases of gum disease. Dentures in Baton Rouge can provide a solution to any type of tooth loss or extraction.

What’s the process?

In order to get the precise measurements for your dentures, your dentist will take an impression of your jaw. They will then send the order for the dentures to be made to these exact measurements. A trial or immediate dentures will be made from the impression while you wait for your permanent dentures. If need be, adjustments will be made based on feedback from your trial dentures. The recovery period in order to get used to the new dentures is normally about 10 days. You can then speak and eat as if you would naturally and you won’t notice the dentures.

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