Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Solutions in Baton Rouge, LA

The phrase “root canal” can be something that strikes fear into the heart of people living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. But it is actually one of the most benign and helpful treatments you can imagine. It helps to prevent discomfort long-term, making it a must-have therapy for those who need it.

So what exactly is root canal therapy?

Inside all of your teeth is something called the pulp. This is a blend of tissues, including nerve fibres and blood vessels. The pulp is what helps keep your teeth healthy and well-mineralised for your entire life.

Unfortunately, the pulp can sometimes become infected. Infection can clear up by itself, but many times it does not, especially if the tooth has decayed. A root canal is a treatment that involves removing the infected pulp and replacing it with an inorganic synthetic material that will prevent infection in the future. You can think of it as being similar to filler that you might use in your bathroom.

Before a root canal, you may have to take an X-ray. This will show the dentist where the pulp is damaged and if you require a root canal. Usually, dentists perform root canals under local anaesthetic to remove sensation from the area they work on.

To remove the pulp, your dentist will remove the top section of your natural crown to access the soft tissue beneath. They will then quickly scoop this out and clean the cavity left behind. After that, they will enlarge the root canal and then use a filler to prevent any new infection. They will then add a synthetic crown back to the top of the tooth, acting as a sealed cap to prevent reinfection in the future.

How Root Canal Therapy Can Help You

The benefits of root canal therapy are extraordinary, making it one of the most popular procedures in Baton Rouge.

It Improves Your Oral Health

Root canals are a great way to improve your oral health. Not only do they get rid of infection, but they also help to prevent it from striking again. They are particularly beneficial for people living with respiratory infections, diabetes and other conditions that put them at a higher risk of oral health complications.

It Helps To Keep The Jawbone Healthy

Root canals can also help to preserve your teeth and, thereby keep your jawbone healthy. Under normal circumstances, the biting forces from your teeth send signals to your jawbone to remain big and strong. Unfortunately, if you lose a tooth, it can no longer transmit pressure to the jaw, causing the bone to atrophy. Root canals stop this from happening, helping to prevent tooth loss.

It Stops Infection From Spreading

Infection in the pulp of one tooth can quickly spread to another. That’s why patients in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, should seek out treatment as quickly as they can. Getting a root canal allows the dentist to remove any infection and sterilize the area, preventing it from spreading.