There are lots of different types of dentistry, each of which involves different treatments and developments within the dental sector. Laser dentistry is a good example of a type of dental treatment that has developed considerably in recent years. For those who are unaware, laser dentistry involves the utilization of lasers for the treatment of various sorts of dental conditions. Clinical dental practices started to first use laser treatment for procedures involving the tooth tissue in 1989. Therefore, laser dentistry has a longer history in dentistry than a lot of people realize. However, it has improved considerably since then. Read on to discover everything that you need to know about laser dentistry in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 


Understanding what laser dentistry is and how it works

Laser dentistry is a popular choice because it can provide a more comfortable treatment solution for a variety of different types of dental treatments. When compared to non-laser tools, including drills, lasers are more comfortable for treatments that involve both the soft and hard tissue.

A laser will generate light energy, creating a beam that is extremely focused and very narrow. When the laser light hits the tissue, a reaction is produced. This enables the dentist to either shape or remove the tissue. A laser can be used in many different types of dental procedures. Some examples include using a laser for whitening teeth, to treat gum disease, to treat tooth decay, and to treat hypersensitivity. 


What are the benefits of having laser treatment?

As touched upon, there are a number of benefits that are associated with using laser dentistry as opposed to other methods. For example, when you have a laser procedure, there can often be less damage to the tissues surrounding the area that is being treated. Another benefit is that the wounds tend to heal quicker when having laser treatment, it is also possible that there may be the regeneration of the tissue.

Aside from the benefits that have been mentioned, there is a lower possibility of a bacterial infection. The reason for this is because the area is sterilized by the laser. Furthermore, anesthesia is not needed with a large portion of laser treatments. Furthermore, the soft tissues that are treated tend to bleed less too, and we must also point out that there is typically a lower need for any sutures with lasers used on soft tissue.


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