Sedated Patient

Laughing Gas Inhalation Sedation

The lightest of the three sedations is a gas that is inhaled during your visit. It relieves your dental anxiety to make for a relaxing dental experience.

You will be flushed with 100% Oxygen at the end of the appointment, this allows you to drive to and from your appointment and also continue with your regular scheduled day. The laughing gas will be completely out of your system before leaving the office.

Oral Medication Sedation

Arrive at the office 30 minutes early to receive your medication. You will be monitored by Dr. Russo along with the staff and given all the spa amenities to get you comfortable. This will help relieve any dental anxiety you may have with your visit. You will also need someone to drive you to and from your appointment.

IV Sedation by a licensed nurse anesthetist

Also, commonly referred to as “sleep dentistry”. This helps patients completely relax during a dental procedure. A professional anesthesia service for patients is offered by Lake Area Anesthesia INC. Mike Ellender, CRNA. They will IV sedate the patient into a nice sleep and monitor all vitals during the entire procedure.

The patient experiences an anxiety free, relaxing setting with a quicker recovery compared to oral sedation. A driver to and from appointment is still needed.

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