Botox & Jeuveaux

Botox & Jeuveaux

Look Younger & Boost Your Confidence

Facial aging is a common and natural process. However, it can leave you feeling a lack of confidence and fear of being your natural self. Fillers like Botox and Jeuveaux can help correct this. While you may think that fillers are only to improve your aesthetic appearance, they can actually assist in the treatment of a variety of medical disorders. These can include excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), chronic migraines, neck pain, and TMJ pain.

What is Botox & Jeuveaux?

Filler services can seem scary, but our office works to minimize both your pain and any associated risk. You will start with a consultation with one of our team members, where we will analyze your face, review any allergies and medical concerns, and discuss options for a comprehensive filler plan.

Once a plan has been chosen, we will prep your face, and inject the fillers. This process is minimally invasive, using a small needle and is generally painless. After you have received your filler, we will create an aftercare plan to keep you looking your best.

Benefits of Botox & Jeuveaux

Cosmetic fillers such as Botox and Jeuveaux offer a wide range of benefits. These can include:

  • Aesthetic Benefits: These two fillers are highly effective at treating fine lines, wrinkles, and other facial imperfections. The effects are quickly noticeable, with immediate results in 2-7 days, and full results within 14 days.
  • Medical Benefits: Fillers can help reduce the symptoms of hyperhidrosis, TMJ pain, neck pain, and chronic migraines.
  • Ease and Future Need: Botox and Jeuveaux are both temporary, which means if you do not like the look, it will eventually fade. Another benefit is that due to its semi-permanence, you can scale up or down on how much filler you receive at future appointments.


Our scheduling process allows you to fit the spa-like qualities of fillers into your regular dental schedule.

Our office is able to schedule a filler appointment with your dental treatment, or schedule you for a standalone filler treatment.