Keys to your Invisalign Success

Keys to Your Invisalign Success

A Simple Step By Step Process

  • Wear trays all the time; 24 hours a day, all day, all night, eating, sleeping, except when cleaning your teeth or trays.
  • Continue to wear trays, even in the rare instance they break.
  • If you lose your current tray, you must not have been wearing them. So, put on your previous tray and call us for further instructions.
  • Bring all trays to each appointment. Never throw away any trays.
  • Any lost attachment will be replaced at your next appointment if needed, unless we have otherwise specified.
  • Any gum irritation can easily be solved with the ortho wax (supplied in the tray case). You can buy more wax from the pharmacy if needed.
  • While uncommon, if needed for some soreness Motrin/Advil/ibuprofen can be taken if you can tolerate it with any medication or medical conditions you may have. If unsure, call your physician.
  • Avoid staining foods with yellow dies: turmeric, mustard, mac & cheese, etc.